Living in Alberta, Canada.
Into all things Dalek, HiNRG, Eurobeat, Italo and the occasional gorgeous guys!

You may have noticed I have a thing for Asian guys!

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With clothes on you can tell he’s attractive, but you can’t tell a body THIS fine is hiding under those clothes.


His dad promised him that it won’t happen again, he was drunk and it was a mistake. But then few weeks later his dad was again standing in his doorway with a glass full of whiskey and a hard-on building up in his pants.
He eyes the boy for a minute, drank the whole whiskey in one shot and came into the room shutting the door with a kick of his leg. He forcefully put the glass down on the study table. “Take off your clothes”, he said as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

Hawt Asian Stud!
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